About Us


Our Mission


To end Big Money in politics, fix our rigged political system and elevate campaign finance and reform in the national conversation. We will work to overturn Citizens United and end the unlimited and undisclosed money in politics.

About Us

Established in 2018, End Citizens United Action Fund harnesses the power of ECU’s membership to advocate for transformative policy change to our campaign finance system. We are dedicated to countering the disastrous effects of the Citizens United decision and restoring faith and trust in our democracy.

We’ll pressure lawmakers to act by building a broad coalition working together for reform. We will prove that the grassroots can fight back with force against the brazen politician who do the bidding of their Big Money donors.

In January 2020, End Citizens United and Let America Vote merged because the only way to truly unrig the corrupt status quo is to both end the influence of big money in politics and stop voter suppression. Following that merger, we relaunched as End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund. Look for more updates to this website soon that reflect the merge.

Our Finances

We are proud to be funded by tens of thousands of supporters from around the country and we list our donors on this website. See our donations here: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

Additionally, we will post spending on our advertisements that advocate for reforms to strengthen our democracy or oppose changes to undermine it. See our reports here.