Write a Letter to the Editor

The Freedom to Vote Act, which upholds the central pillars of the For the People Act, will protect ballot access for Americans, end partisan gerrymandering, stop dark money, and limit the influence of special interest money in politics. If enacted, it will be the most significant anti-corruption and voting rights bill in generations.

Submit a letter to the editor today to highlight the importance of the Freedom to Vote Act and why your Senators need to do whatever it takes to pass this critical piece of legislation.

  • Find your local newspaper’s Letters to the Editor submission email or submission form on their website.
  • Be sure to check that you are obeying your newspaper’s word limit, sometimes it’s as low as 150–200 words.
  • Write your letter!
  • Paste your letter into the body of your email or into the submission form on your newspaper’s website.
  • Note that many newspapers will require that letter writers submit contact information with their letter. Phone numbers won’t be published. This is just to verify your identity.
  • Submit to smaller local papers, not just the nearest big city paper. You’ll have a better chance of getting published. And, it maximizes that feeling that the whole district is paying attention!

Below are some important talking points you can use in your letter:

  • I support the Freedom to Vote Act recently introduced in the Senate because it will protect the fundamental right to vote for all Americans, stop partisan gerrymandering, and end dark money so that billionaires can’t buy elections.
  • In 2021 alone, 18 states have already passed 30 bills with new voting restrictions. Over 400 such bills have been introduced around the country. Partisan politicians are already trying to gerrymander our elections, while dark money special interests continue to skew policy in their favor.
  • We have to fight back with the Freedom to Vote Act. It would create automatic and same-day voter registration nationwide, set minimum national standards for things like early voting and vote-by-mail, give states the resources they need to secure our elections, take on dark money in politics, and end the dominance of wealthy special interests.
  • The Senate must pass this anti-corruption and voting rights bill immediately to ensure everyone has a say in our democracy.
  • Time is running out. Senate Democrats must do whatever it takes, including reforming the filibuster, to get the Freedom to Vote Act signed into law.