Representatives Max Rose (NY-11) and Antonio Delgado (NY-19) haven’t even been in office for a year but they are already delivering on promises made on the campaign trail in 2018. On top of helping to lead the fight to pass the For the People Act (H.R.1), the most comprehensive anti-corruption, ethics, voting, and money in politics reform bill in generations, Rose and Delgado continue to introduce and co-sponsor legislation aimed at rooting out the undue influence of corporate special interests and returning power back to the people.

As candidates during the 2018 election cycle, Max Rose and Antonio Delgado vowed to make anti-corruption and money in politics reform a priority if elected. They led a coalition of 107 House candidates who sent a letter to the House of Representatives calling for a government and election reform bill to be the first item on the agenda in the 116th Congress.

“If we are going to change our politics, then we need to clean house when it comes to politicians who take hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from federal lobbyists and corporate PACs and then vote their way.” – Max Rose 2018

Delgado Takes Lead on Good Governance and Campaign Finance Reform Agenda
“Delgado is demanding reform in Washington and has signed onto the End Citizens United Reform Letter. He was joined by 106 other Democratic candidates calling for a sweeping reform package to help restore trust and ensure lawmakers put the people’s interests first.”


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