July 25, 2018
ECU Action Fund will focus on grassroots advocacy to pressure Congress to pass reform legislation

End Citizens United (ECU) today announced its launch of ECU Action Fund, a new arm of the grassroots campaign finance reform group, dedicated to harnessing the power of its four million members to pressure Congress to pass campaign finance reform legislation.

With Democrats increasingly poised to take back the House, including yesterday’s analysis by Larry Sabato of Sabato’s Crystal Ball which found Democrats having a better than 50% chance to win a majority, ECU is preparing accordingly with the creation of the ECU Action Fund. Scott Fay, who was ECU’s previous PAC Director, is taking over as the Director of the Action Fund.

“Our power as an organization comes from our grassroots members and in the past year we’ve seen that grassroots energy swell far beyond our expectations. With four million members nationwide, we’ve been able to scale End Citizens United to its next stage and create the ECU Action Fund,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Democrats winning in November is just the first step. We must hold Congress accountable to pass meaningful legislation to reform the rigged system. Our goal is to make campaign finance reform a top priority for Congress in 2019.”

As part of its work, ECU Action Fund has already begun engaging members of Congress on legislative packages. Heading into the fall, the Action Fund will encourage ECU members to call their member of Congress, host petition drives, letter to the editor campaigns, as well as join coalitions of other grassroots advocacy groups.

As an example of the power of ECU’s grassroots network, ECU members have been active and engaged in the battle over the future of the Supreme Court. With Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, ECU has mobilized its members to call their Senators, rally, and take part in a letter to the editor campaign. The group also launched an online hub directing members to the different opportunities available to them for opposing Kavanaugh. ECU also played a crucial role in 2017 launching a campaign against Betsy Devos that garnered 35,000 petition signatures and 5,000 calls to senators; joined partners to deliver a petition with more than one million signatures to every Senate office during Judge Gorsuch’s nomination; and secured over 43,000 signatures for its Independent Investigation Now campaign to call for an independent prosecutor for the Russia investigation.

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